Pet Insurance? the short answer is YES: you should get it!

Make sure you get the right one though.........


There are so many reasons that we advise pet insurance: years of experience in the industry and seeing too many situations where finances prevent the best level of care.


we even insure our own pets!

We recommend Petplan covered 4 life policies to give you peace of mind in the event of accidents or illness


If you have a  puppy or kitten who is over 8 weeks old and under

1 year old, Petplan offer a free 4 week cover, with no obligation to continue (and no financial details taken)

We sign you up in the clinic using the details we already have (it takes none of your time) and then you have 1 month to decide whether you wish to continue insurance thereafter: it's what we call a no-brainer

petplan 4 weeks free.png

4 weeks free pet insurance