Meet Omar, a 12-year-old Domestic Short Haired cat who has had a long history of chronic disease conditions including arthritis, chronic lymphocytic rhinitis (sneezing all the time with discharge), early renal disease, dental disease, and excess weight. The poor darling was clearly in poor health, and his owners had tried everything they could and had even been to the specialists.

Omar had previously had a series of courses of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, plus multiple blood tests. He had also been placed onto a more specialised processed prescription diet.
Although there was some progress, his symptoms stubbornly persisted and it was looking like he might deteriorate into more serious renal disease with the problem of using anti-inflammatory drugs for his pain, and long-term antibiotics for his nasal condition. Omar’s pet parents were seriously worried for their baby. What else could they do to help Omar?

Omar’s pet parents came to see Dr Jamie after feeling hopeless. They were not confident of resolving his issues and slightly sceptical about a “natural” approach.
They spoke about how they could reduce the inflammation in his body by changing his diet to fresh, whole foods, which would also benefit his blood sugar. This approach also helps to improve gut health and consequently immune function.
Dr Jamie also prescribed the addition of certain key supplements, particularly reishi and shitake mushrooms for immune support, an herbal formula for gut health, and some Chinese herbs.
They started to see a very different Omar!

Omar came back with a dry nose, no further sneezing symptoms, and a lot more energy – moving around much easier, despite no anti-inflammatory support. He also started to lose weight!
When they finally did some more blood tests, they showed that Omar’s renal enzyme levels were returning to normal.
Much more recently, Omar came back to have his teeth cleaned under an anaesthetic with no complications (and a beautiful smile to show for it).

“Although we are not completely out of the woods with him, we are very happy with the rapid progress he has made with the holistic approach taken so far.” Dr Jamie.

Omar and his parents are very happy to have tried the natural holistic approach with Chinese Veterinary Medicine, especially after his symptoms only mildly improved with Western Veterinary Medicine.

Dr Jamie is our resident holistic and integrative vet. Qualified in Veterinary Medicine and surgery as well as Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine with over 25 years’ experience.
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