Quick facts

  • there are 4 types of intestinal worms

  • not all wormers treat all four 

  • they can cause Gi signs or anaemia

  • they can be fatal in young animals

  • some can infect people

  • speak to us about preventatives


Quick facts

  • ticks are worst when it's wet and warm weather, but they are around all year

  • not all ticks cause paralysis

  • no treatment is 100% effective

  • ticks can travel on you then get onto indoor pets, so they need to be treated too

  • speak to us about preventatives

Quick facts

  • heartworms are passed on by mosquitoes

  • they can cause heart failure & death

  • most normal wormers do not treat heartworm

  • there's an annual injection available for prevention of heartworm

  • speak to us about the best way to protect your pet

Quick facts

  • can be a year-round problem

  • can inject tapeworms

  • a lot of fleas are resistant to supermarket products

  • some products can be very harmful to cats: check with your vet first

  • speak to us about preventatives


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