We're a collective of like-minded professionals with a mission to help people by helping pets. We believe that we can achieve this whilst having fun, learning and growing 

Ailsa Profile.jpg

Dr Ailsa Rutherford

MA VetMB MANZCVS (ECC) Veterinarian

Special Interests: Emergency Medicine & Ultrasonography

Gemma Profile.jpg

Dr Gemma Holland

BVSc Veterinarian

  • Takes her pet rabbit for outings to the beach

  • is always smiling and laughing

Emma Profile.jpg

Dr Emma Ryan

BSc BVSc (Hons) Veterinarian

  • Takes everything in her stride

  • Has worked as a vet all over the world

Lisa Profile.jpg

Lisa Tagg

Veterinary Nurse

  • has a superskill of extracting information

  • has a very large heart

Flo Profile.jpg

Flo Sampognaro

Veterinary Nurse

  • is a vet in her native Uruguay

  • Has never been seen to frown!